Allen Hotel and Convention Center

Allen, Texas

The Allen Convention Center Hotel complex will be across the street from the prevalent Watters Creek shoppingand apartment development, which opened in 2007. The city of Allen and the Allen Economic Development Corp. are providing the 6.7-acre construction site for the hotel. Although the building is low-rise it spans a large amount of surface area for the convention center. The façade of the hotel portion of the building is clad with multiple materials and the fenestration shifts along the exterior. Spatially, the hotel portion and the convention center portion of the building are bridged by a glass volume that has a drop off attached to it with a ceremonial set of canted columns at the entry. With a warm wood soffit, the drop off effectively invites visitors to enter the building. The city, the economic development organization, and the Allen Community Development Corp. are contributing $12.3 million in capital to the project. The hotel will have 290 rooms, and the convention center will include 64,000 SF of meeting space.


Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture

Project Type: Hospitality

Project Size: 580,000 SF