Graha Tower

Surabaya, Indonesia

The 5G international architectural team has the prestigious assignment of a transformative design for the Graha Tower development in the burgeoning center of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Three stellar and stunning towers will completely innovate this 12 acre development, which will feature three towers that unite and serve the property's modern commercial, residential and parking needs. One of the towers will feature a luxury brand hotel on the upper level stories (12 floors), with 19 floors of prime office space below. High-efficiency parking design will feature underground parking with 1500 spaces for the development. Luxury condominium residential properties are also a major component of the Graha Tower complex, as well as high-energy, upscale retail and restaurant destinations on the street and pedestrian levels.

Unique sky deck, an 'elevated urban space' is provided to connect office amenities deck and condominium pool level, touch down ground level, is expected to be main attractive point on this development. The sky deck provides a modern, peaceful pathway to traverse the many retail and amenity features of Graha Towers. The terracing levels provide opportunities for dining, pop-up shops, and views into the surrounding retail. Day or night, the sky deck will be a popular feature of the Graha Towers

The exponential growth of Surabaya as a global commercial and travel and tourism center has created this exciting momentum for the Graha Tower project, with the greater city of Surabaya population having doubled from 2 million to 4 million since 1995.

Graha Towers will be completed in 36 months.