Deford Olden Year Musical Museum

Dallas, Texas

In an approximately 30,000 SF corner of an expansive city-owned facility, a Museum is to be inserted to house a vast collection of phonographs, mechanical music boxes, Edison's wax cylinder, light bulbs, and other sound instruments that have been amassed throughout the history of recorded sounds. The Museum will include a cafe, gift shop, as well as a conservation workroom exhibiting the restoration processes of these instruments. The ordering of the design originates from the notion of sound travel pattern; an analogy between the origin of sound and its progression in time are translated into spatial organizations that radially dictate the placements of the instrument collections based on their emergence in history. The centerpiece of the radial order is Thomas Edison's wax phonograph cylinder, the earliest medium for recording and reproducing sounds. Hovering above the permanent collection area, a 4,500 SF mezzanine will be inserted to house the Special Exhibits. Taking on the contemporary character of recent digital media carriers, the Apple iPod, the design of this container of antique sound instruments draws a relevant parallel, expressed in architectural terms.

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Size: 30,000 SF