Multiple Locations Across U.S.

5G Studio is the design architect for the GoodSports prototype that will be implemented in various locations across the US. Stacked vertically, the GoodSports hotel and field house combines the health and wellness features of a contemporary hotel with the competitive edge of a high quality field house. The field house is comprised of hard wood basketball and volleyball courts geared for tournament style play of amateur athletes in a regional area. The hotel focuses on the traveling wellness oriented businessperson as well as the competitive athlete during tournament weekends. The GoodSports Village concept was designed by the athlete for the athlete with a style to allude to movement and kinetic activity. GoodSports does more than serve the athlete, it empowers them through a unique and rich experience dedicated to their lifestyle. The culmination of 25 GoodSports Villages around the country provides consistency and quality athletes expect, finally providing a place where they can eat, sleep and compete all in one place.

Professional Services Provided: