Tiffany Woodson

tiffany woodson

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Tiffany has been affiliated with the interior design community for more than ten years working with a variety of commercial, residential, and hospitality design clientele. Her experience spans from high-end residential projects, multi-phase commercial renovations to the re-design and preservation of a historical landmark.

Responsible for working directly with all personal and professional clients, Tiffany and the 5G Interiors team are creating functional designs and developing solutions to meet a diversity of needs. As a previous partner of her own firm, and now partner at 5G Interiors, Tiffany provides a thorough understanding of the owners' needs while maintaining schedule, budgets, contractor, and consultant expectations.

Tiffany has a passion for creating relaxed, on-trend and modern-day spaces that are truly spectacular. Using the combination of classic design components in contrast with newest products and technology, Tiffany creates innovative interiors that have a timeless quality. Some of her recent accomplishments include five multi-family housing projects located in some of Texas' most prominent neighborhoods. Her award-winning design practice is also active in US markets and internationally.