Premiere Cinemas Lubbock: Grand Opening Report

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Premiere Cinemas Lubbock: Grand Opening Report!

Last night I attended the VIP opening for this latest theater. If you have seen our video tour already you have a good idea of what this new theater experience offers:

  • Full Bar and Restaurant with Food and Drinks you can take INTO the movie theater
  • All movie theaters in FULL DIGITAL
  • IMAX Experience
  • D-BOX Motion seats for select films
  • Birthday Party Rooms to Reserve
  • Lots and lots of places to relax and hang out with family and friends


Set in the South Plains Mall here in Lubbock, there is no chance you could mistake it for the Mervyn's store of its former glory. Last night at the opening gala I had a chance to really experience what Premiere offers. With lots of representatives from Premiere, Lubbock's own Skeet Noret (a partner in this venture), and several Chamber of Commerce representatives, there was a ribbon cutting to open the theater to the public.

Lots of local businesses were represented as well. Lubbock's own The Cakery had a cupcake tower on display and there were several businesses from the South Plains Mall representing in the very cool swag bags that were handed out to all the VIPs last night. The theater is a movie lover's dream, with film quotes on the walls, hundreds of framed 8x10 photos of Hollywood stars from then and now, and lots of little upgrades throughout that make your movie going experience better. Airblade hand dryers in the bathrooms--paired with blue glowing sinks is one example; leather seats in theaters; Blue Bell Ice Cream and fresh spun cotton candy at concessions...all of this is part of the Premiere difference.


But what about the restaurant food? Well, I sampled many of the selections last night... from mini tacos to quesadillas, hummus and flatbread (in a theater?!) all of the selections were great. I have to give props to the burger that was delicious as were the BBQ sliders. The pizza was also impressive. Suffice to say that there wasn't anything I tried that I didn't enjoy...some I enjoyed a little *too* much. (Note to self: treadmill work later)

Premiere opted to offer several of last year's Oscar nominees as films to watch last night. My date and I opted for WAR HORSE, since it has slipped past our radar. I was in one of their larger houses seating nearly 350--which is larger itself that nearly every screen in Lubbock. The film itself was gorgeous in digital and on a very large screen. One subtle difference here too--every theater has aisles on both sides of the seating configuration. That may seem small, but for those that have sat in a theater where one side of the row butts up against the wall--leaving aisle seats on only one side and the feeling of being "trapped" on the row if you are up against the wall--you may understand this upgrade in theater design. Every theater in Premiere has this...(wink)...I checked. In addition, make sure and sign up for a Premiere Rewards card. For every dollar you spend in the theater--you build rewards that you can use for tickets, popcorn, and more.


I the end...this experience is about quality. For movie goers that like to arrive early but hate to loiter in a cold movie lobby--here you can check out a D-BOX demo, order snacks, hang out upstairs in the lounge, or just visit with your date or your friends. No need to stand around shuffling your feet in a queue. Relax. Grab some grub, or even surf the internet... That's right...after a brief conversation with CEO Gary Moore last night--I understand that Premiere is even adding free WiFi to their theater experience. And even as the VIP crowd left last night--we were handed swag bags! Though I will definitely enjoy the IMAX ball cap that was included, as well as some of the fun movie themed gifts, it is the large cup offering $2.50 soda refills through August 2013 that really caught my eye. It is clear that Premiere cares about the consumer. And since you and I are them...I can't wait to go back so I can be treated so well. I have to say, I had visited certain theater chains specifically over the years and enjoyed them for promoting a similar experience of customer service and quality control. It is clear that Premiere has upped the ante in a big way.
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Size: 65,545 SF
Auditoriums: 16
Opening: 2012

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