Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer located in Irving, Texas is expanding their campus of buildings to include a 9,400 Sq. Ft. facility which will house a 2,900 Sq. Ft. multi-use room, small chapel, offices, and classrooms.

We began the design process by studying the existing conditions of the site. From this exploration we found an opportunity to utilize an existing courtyard to create a common area which will be used to develop a dialogue between the existing campus of buildings and this new facility.

The massing of the design maintains a low profile along Rochelle to emphasize and respect the existing spire of the church, which remains the highest point on the site. On the courtyard side, the multi-use room has large expanses of glazing that span the length of the room allowing for an overflow of activities and creating visual connections into the courtyard.

The roof was conceived as a continuous plane which has been folded to gracefully cover the facility and is sculpted to become a canopy which shields the south facing glass of the multi-use room and brings down the scale of the fa├žade facing the courtyard creating comfortable spaces to gather.

This design will breathe new life into the church and existing buildings on the site.

Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture | Interiors


Size: 9,400 SF
Opening: 2014

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