Yonghua Cinema City

Shanghai, China

Yonghua Cinema City is the existing flagship cinema for the Shanghai Film Group and is located within a busy shopping mall in Shanghai, China.  5G was appointed to alter the existing lobby to reflect the sophistication of the contemporary Chinese moviegoers while maintaining the functional locations of the Box Office and the Concession.  Reinterpreting the movement patterns of movie patrons within the existing space, a continuous red strip is conceived as a spatial element in a constantly transformative state, subdividing the lobby while at the same time redefining its status. The Box Office is conceived as a virtual, glowing digital plane stretching between the strip's surfaces, while the Concession counteracts with sharp-edged geometries clad in honeycomb-textured resin panels.

Professional Services Provided:

- Architecture | Interiors


Size: 43,055 SF

Budget: $4 Million

Opening: 2010

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